Gump Audio Samples


The following royalty free samples are here made available for download, free of charge.

Analog Basics

A Yamaha CS15. Three waveforms. Three octaves. Four seconds per note. Open filters. Organ amplitude envelope, and no other modulation whatsoever.


These samples come with sfz mappings. These mappings are as simple and universal as possible, and should work in all players that load sfz files.


The Open Source Drum Kit

The Open Source Drum Kit was an experiment in community based sample development. I recorded and edited the samples (of a 70s Ludwig 5 piece Vistalite drum kit, with ancient Zildian cymbals) and released them into the public domain, in the hope that a community might form to develop mappings for the various free sample players available, and publish them in a simple forum set up for the purpose. The idea was based on the sfz format, but all formats were welcome.

Sadly, the activity on the board was no match for the hordes of spam-bots that soon descended. And when it had to be taken down as part of an unfortunate trademark dispute, there seemed to be little point in trying to re-establish the board under a new domain name. Nonetheless, several people had, by this time, come up with some very fine mappings for these samples (this discussion at kvr tells the story fairly well; kvr member Baard was the driving force behind the project).

Which is why, after a hiatus of many years, the samples and mappings that comprise the Open Source Drum Kit once again find a home in my little corner of the web; to honor the small but lively community of enthusiasts that put in the work to make it possible.


The Real Snare Drum

The Real Snare Drum gave birth to the concept that finds its first full realization in GASKit1.`

This Snare was sampled in 4 zones with separate left and right hand samples, and using 4 microphones, each of which has an individually adjustable volume. It features 2X round robin, and 8 velocity layers. It also has a simple ADSR, and includes a sampled bass drum that is mapped on the adjacent black keys. It is available in the original sfz version, and also a version for Battery (which works in Kontakt as well).

Help yourself to this legendary piece of freeware.


Drum Sounds of the Sixties

These samples, now nearly ten years old, have been downloaded close to a million times. They have been featured on numerous commercial recordings, and on some classic amateur recordings as well.

These loops were recorded to 1/2 inch analog tape using world class microphones arrayed in the classic Glyn Johns pattern. There are over 340 loops at 16 different tempos, as well as a big selection of over 120 one shot samples of all of the drum set components at numerous different velocities, making this sample collection a must have.


Swing Jazz Drums

These loops are perhaps the most popular ones I have ever released. They feature both stick and brush samples, and slower than average tempos, making them perfect for people looking for something off of the well beaten trail of standard drum loops

These loops were recorded using only 4 microphones, and without any treatments at all, not even equalization. There are over 420 loops at 5 different tempos, and the performances are true to the spirit of the great drummers of the swing era like Chick Webb and Gene Krupa.


The Early Years

These are our first efforts in sample development. Linked to below, you will not only find the first two volumes of Endangered Rhythms, released through Dangerous Bear Underground, but a small collection of the very first freeware drum loops I tentatively released into the interwebs over a decade ago.

These loops were recorded inconsistently. They were, after all, the first samples I ever made. Nonetheless, there are many interesting and catchy little bits of music within these folders. Think of these collections as crates to dig through. It's not like you're paying for them. ;)